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Decorative Concrete Look around, grey concrete is boring! You can't even buy a plain grey paving stone, so why would you assume that ready mix concrete only comes in grey?ETM supplies numerous contractors in Edmonton with a multitude of coloured concretes for use in architectural projects. We carry the SG line from...
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Add Curb Appeal to your Home Offering a variety of stamp patterns, and exposed or colored broom finishes. We work with professionals that can remove and haul away existing concrete and prepare for your new concrete project. Add color to your next pour for as little as $.50/square foot. Check out the Artevia™ Colour...

Self-Consolidating Concrete

Don't waste your good people on placing concrete; with a concrete that places with little to no effort, you can turn their energy to finishing and other tasks.

Architectural Concrete

Concrete has become the material of choice for architects and artists alike. Stamped, textured, and coloured concrete is available in Edmonton.

Low-Shrinkage Concrete

Low-shrink flooring concrete eliminates the need for any steel or fibre reinforcement, saving customers money, time and effort.

The Right Choice

Edmonton Transit Mix has been supplying the Edmonton concrete industry since the 1970's. In that time, ETM has had the experience of supplying all segments of Edmonton concrete contractors. This includes homeowners, flatwork and stamped concrete contractors, as well as utility, industrial and paving contractors.

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